Yoga Instructor

marisa antolino

exeter, NH

Favorite yoga pose & why:

Legs Up The Wall / Viparita Karani. I have so many favorite poses... but this is probably favorite because it's incredibly grounding and everyone can do it! If you're in my class and there's a wall somewhere you can expect to put your legs above your head at one point or another.

Most challenging yoga pose for you & why:

Low Plank / Chaturanga Dandasana. When I did my first chaturanga without collapsing onto the mat I had a mental party for myself. It was a huge breakthrough for me and it opened the door to more poses and inversions that I had never had the confidence to try! Next step... pull up.

Hobbies or other things you like to do:

Animals, animals, animals! I grew up as an equestrian but it became hard to maintain during college, occasionally I still get home to visit my old barn and ride. I also volunteer at the Animal Rescue League of Boston and we have two rescue dogs of our own so when I'm not on my mat or working at the studio you can probably find me outside with them.

Why are you a part of the GTM team?

I joined GTM because what better way to bring yoga to the people than turning it into a party!? My goal as an instructor is to spread the gift of yoga in the most authentic and fun way possible. GTM is taking yoga out of the studios and gyms and into the world in a very cool way and that's something that I can absolutely get behind.

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