production assistant

lizzy desino

Rochester, NY

Favorite yoga pose & why:

Half Moon / Ardha Chandrasana: My absolute favorite yoga pose is half moon. I love how confident I feel after I arrive in the pose and the constant lengthening throughout my body as I breathe through the motion. It truly gives me such a sense of accomplishment and strength as I extend and expand in all directions.

Most challenging yoga pose for you & why:

Splits / Hanumanasana: Since I was a dancer my entire life this may come as a surprise, but the splits are the hardest for me to do! I try so hard to relax my mind and body as I lower down into a split, but every time without fail, I tense every muscle and stop breathing. 

Hobbies or other things you like to do:

Going to the beach, chatting with friends, meeting new people, learning new things, dancing (choreographed AND dance parties), running, snowboarding, and waterskiing.

Why are you a part of the GTM team?

I just moved to Boston this August and realized that I needed some sort of way to meet new people. I had been following Grip The Mat ever since its creation and thought it was such an incredible concept. There is no better way to meet individuals similar to yourself, then giving them the opportunity to bond over things they love: Yoga and socializing. When I heard GTM was moving to Boston, I jumped at the chance to get involved and I am so happy I did.