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jenna lockhart


Favorite yoga pose & why:

Crow Pose / Bakasana. When I first began practicing this pose acted as the most terrifying accomplishment I would have to overcome. However, once I increased strength in my arms and granted my mat the faith it deserved, I was able to find immense joy in arm balancing poses. Crow pose serves as a tool to improve my mental balance and focus on my breathing, versus letting outside thoughts trickle in. Plus who doesn't love to add on with a headstand!

Most challenging yoga pose for you & why:

Half- Moon / Ardha Chandrasana. There's something about keeping those hips in line, while simultaneously surrendering all balance to one leg that can distract my mind. One thing I tend to practice while working on half-moon is reinstating the concept that it isn't about how long you stay in the balance, but how you react when you fall out of the pose that demonstrates your improvement! I am constantly reminding myself to breathe, for what is yoga without breath?!

Hobbies or other things you like to do:

Wine and coffee. Running, cuddling with my golden retriever Phoebe, as well as spending as much time as possible with my roommate + GTM teammate, Lizzy, are my favorite pastimes. 

Why are you a part of the GTM team?

GTM encompasses the ideologies I chose to base my life around so it only seemed natural to join such a powerful movement. I made a goal for myself to become a certified yoga instructor and move to Boston. When I discovered that GTM could be the balance in my life to merge to the two efforts into one, I knew I needed to be a part of the team! GTM fosters amazing friendships for individuals I would never had the honor of knowing.


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