Hillary Hawkins

Sarasota, FL

Favorite yoga pose & why:

Frog / Mandukasana. My favorite pose changes weekly but I'm always a sucker for a good hip opener. Also, I always appreciate a good lions roar.

Most challenging yoga pose for you & why:

Headstand / Salamba Sirsasana.  I am working on the fear of going upside down.

Hobbies or other things you like to do:

I am a lover of brunch, huskies, car dancing, hiking, board games, old fashions, hip-hop, bubble baths, and yoga booty ballet. I am an adventurer, classpass junkie, foodie, lifestyle marketing and PR specialist. I am likely crossing off absurd activities on my never-ending bucket list like Turtle Racing or Segway Tours of Salem (because why walk when you can ride a futuristic broomstick?).

Why are you a part of the GTM team?

I have to be around passionate people who want to change the world. This is the group that can and will do it. Plus who doesn't like fitness AND drinking? If work isn't fun, what's the point?