Why The Daley

We typically host events in the central DC area, so why are we going out of our way to host Soul & Spirits at The Daley at Shady Grove? Well...we’re glad you asked!


Grip The Mat’s purpose has always been to bring communities together, and sometimes it feels like those living in the DMV, outside of the district, get left behind in all the fun! The Shady Grove area is just a red line away (or an uber, because metro fires are real) and it has so much to offer to our yogis! The Shady Grove / Rockville neighborhood is one of the best areas to live near Washington D.C., especially for those wanting a well-balanced nature-filled lifestyle. Think:  parks and trails for running, hiking, and biking- oh my! As community builders, we want to be able to share and showcase what each part of the DMV has to offer, so we partnered with a local residential building, The Daley, to host our next Soul & Spirits!

What is Shady Grove about and how is The Daley perfect for young professionals who seek a well balanced lifestyle?


So here’s the scoop...The Daley is just a two-minute trail walk directly to the Shady Grove metro station and the space is truly exceptional, with more than 10,000 square feet of amenity space. From outdoor gathering areas to quiet, indoor nooks, and even a yoga studio! They offer plenty of places that are ideal for chilling with friends, taking care of business, or just doing your own thing; it’s a community within a community (but with an awesome pool).

Soul & Spirits at The Daley Pool

The Daley has no shortage of exclusive resident events and opportunities to mingle with your neighbors, and this FREE Soul & Spirits event is no exception. We are beyond excited to be able to offer the best yoga community to one of the best places and communities to live in the DMV. So what do you say? Join us?

Instructor Highlight: Charlotte and Falon

This weekend's Yogini guides

Photos by Sandi Moynihan

Washington, DC - “Crazy things happen when we let ourselves be vulnerable,” advises Falon Sweeney, one of the two Grip The Mat instructors to lead yoga at this Saturday’s sold-out yoga social event, “Grip The Mat’s Soul & Spirits Presented by Sprindrift.”

If things go as Falon has planned, “crazy things” might happen. Soul & Spirits Presented by Spindrift is an experience created to break people out of routine and shake things up. It’s a time to feel all of those pent up emotions and let loose in the company of great people!

Over 150 tickets have sold to this one-of-a-kind yoga event at Big Chief in Ivy City. With every dollar benefitting the Potomac River Keepers Network, the event offers a feel-good experience attendees can feel proud of.

If anyone is left wondering whether they are capable of joining the yoga social fun, co-instructor Charlotte Bowden encourages, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” For anyone who still isn't sure, tickets to the 2-hour open bar social hour are available on the event page.

Learn more about the two DC-based Grip The Mat yoga instructors who will guide this weekend’s soul-thumping Vinyasa yoga. You may be surprised at what you find!

Meet Charlotte & Falon

How They Came Into Yoga

Charlotte’s First Experience: In college at the gym.

I remember there was a guy next to me who had also never done yoga before, and we both laughed at some of the things the instructor was asking us to do - not because they were funny, but because we both were struggling so much.

Falon’s First Experience: In high school with her dad.

I took my first yoga class in Hanover, MA at Open Doors Yoga studio with my dad when I was a freshman in high school.

Why they started teaching


Charlotte’s Reason: Community.

I knew I wanted to start teaching almost immediately after I started practicing in DC. I realized I had found a community that I wanted to become more involved in, and that teaching was an opportunity to learn more, remain accountable,  and practice some creativity.

Falon’s Reason: Service to others.

During my senior year of college at the George Washington University, I took an unconventional spring break trip to India with my best friend Monica. In India, we supported her family's non-profit, India Children's Angel Network (ICAN) by teaching for a week at one of the Orphanages the charity supports. As part of our lesson plan and as active yoga students, Monica and I taught basic yoga poses to the orphans. While I was teaching, I remember so clearly the girls being in tree pose, and thinking to myself, "Wow, I can actually do this - I can make the world a little bit better of a place by teaching yoga." After the trip, I made it a goal to get certified and start teaching within the next six months. Teaching has transformed who I am down to my deepest roots, and I thank the girls at the Home of Hope for that.

Their favorite Washington, DC hangout:

Charlotte’s Choice: Logan Circle

I love the roof of my house in Logan Circle. It's a little bit slanted so yoga is interesting, but it's great for hanging out with friends and just enjoying the sunset.

Falon’s Choice: Lincoln Memorial

The back of the Lincoln Memorial - early in the morning and late at night, and even during peak tourist times, there is a sense of calm and serenity amidst bustling DC life.

Their “other” job

Charlotte’s full-time: Commercial Banking Research Analyst

“It's more interesting than it sounds.... most of the time. :)”

Falon’s full-time: Strategic Communication Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Why They Teach for GTM

Charlotte: Authentic interactions.

My favorite part of GTM is getting to meet new people from all over DC who are just looking to have fun. There's no pretenses, no rushing to the mat before practice and then rushing out right after practice is over; instead, people come together to enjoy their practice and each other.

Falon: Community.

The community, hands down. When I come to a GTM event, whether I'm teaching or attending, I always connect with the most awesome people. The other GTM instructors and staff are a huge part of this community, and I always feel so warm, happy, and connected after leaving a GTM event.


Favorite Post-Yoga Treat

Charlotte: Whatever is in my path..... but if you've ever heard me talk about the OMG bars at Baked & Wired (pictured above), you know those are my one true love in life.

Falon: A green juice or a smoothie - basic, I know, but truly so good for your mind, body, and soul.


Parting Advice to You

Charlotte: If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Falon: Don't be afraid to show up.

"Maybe you bought your ticket to GTM but are hesitant to come because your friend bailed. Or maybe you're tired after work and don't feel like an hour of yoga + socializing. My best advice is to do it - to show up, do what you wouldn't normally do, do what's uncomfortable and see what kind of magic happens. We've all been there, but you never know who you'll run into at these events, and you might just get to know yourself a bit better. Crazy things happen when we let ourselves be vulnerable."


To learn more about Soul & Spirits Presented by Spindrift, visit the event page.









Announcing GTM's Secret Tool to Happiness

Live Music at Soul & Spirits Presented by Spindrift 

Remember the last time you had the time of your life? If you were truly feeling excellent in your body, you had to have been out of your mind. Figuratively.  That's because feeling good is about you.

So, if you want to unlock your inner Buddha, you have to forget caring about what other's are thinking . Our favorite tool for this? Music.

Grip The Mat is stoked to announce that Soul & Spirits Presented by Spindrift will feature live music to shake your soul awake. The smooth vibrations of Washington,DC-based band Hollertown are sure to rewire your brain and facilitate a total sensory experience. 

Hollertown is a badass blue grass band.  Their instruments of choice include a banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass and vocals. Mix these rockstars with Grip The Mat yoga and healthy Spindrift cocktails and you have the best, most intuitive event in Washington, DC.

Tickets to this masked-yoga event include the live music and  all-natural Spindrift cocktails open bar.  All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Spoon-playing and other hidden musical talents are not required, but highly encouraged.






The Summertime Playlist

Music for Your Soul

Washington, DC - GTM DC Producer Drew Carpenter wants everyone to have a slammin' summer. What's number one on his summertime bliss list?  After his yoga mat and wine glass (obviously) is his playlist.  Let us clarify: 

THE Playlist

Summer Edition

Follow GripTheMat on Spotify to access summer playlists and more! 


Yoga goes beyond your mat.

While yoga class is place to learn about postures (or "asanas") and practice mindfulness, the real yoga starts when you step out into the world (so much tougher being zen when there's a semi truck, a crying baby and a siren buzzing by you).

To apply yoga is to live with loving purpose!

You are perfect. Right now. In this moment, you have everything you could possibly need to live a life of happiness. What's more is when you do just that, you lift others up in the meantime.

Don't be shy about it! 

You were born with all of the wisdom  you'll need in that tiny little baby head of yours.  That means you have everything it takes to live your yoga because you ARE it. Listen to your intuition and do what your heart tells you to do. If the (Soul &) Spirit(s) moves you, drop it low in Dupont Circle. If you feel the urge, call your childhood friend who you haven't spoken to in years.  Do what makes you feel good.

 Which leads to our conclusion

Feeling Good (AKA choosing happiness) + Helping Others Feel Good (AKA extra Karma points) = Yoga   

Do you want to let go of stress and finally do some yoga? Then do it! Bump your jams and dance like an idiot who loves life and is happy with life just as it is. You might be surprised at how quickly you begin to believe it!


Got song suggestions?

Tell us what you like to listen to and we'll spread the goodness together! 

Cheers & Namaste,


Want good music, great friends, feel-good yoga and fine wine?

Join Grip The Mat in LA or DC at Vinyasa to Vino this Wednesday 7.20! 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFmE7pfxJBL/?t...

Soul & Spirits @ Hustle 2.0

To all the hardworking hustlers IN the world's most powerful city: Grip The Mat is a space for you to release stress and inhibitions. 

 On Wednesday, May 18, 2016, GTM Soul & Spirits at Hustle 2.0, a pop-up art exhibit by our buddies No Kings Collective.

Over 70 yogis switched out the pencil skirts and slacks for yoga pants. We could sit together, mat-to-mat, for a collective centering and a post-yoga cocktail-ing. 

The vibe was right as our badass GTM duo Kiley and Brandon led the class through a calming mediation and a steady Vinyasa flow, all to soul-thumping music.

The premium bar was stocked with delicious and healthy cocktails. Menu items featured top notch coffee cocktails with Illy and refreshing vodka spritzers with Honest Tea's Honest Fizz! Could these yogis look any happier?

Attendees walked home with a swag bag full of take-home treats from our supporters. A big thank you to Illy and Honest Tea for elevating our spirits!  As always, KIND Snacks showed up strong and Chelsea Collective, one of our favorite women's fitness boutiques, stuffed the swag bags with items like gym towels, headphones and even glass water bottles!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who showed up! You are exactly what make Grip The Mat events so special.

Cheers & Namaste!

Moms Who Hustle - Grip The Mat's First Mommy & Me Event @ Hustle 2.0

There are women and there are superwomen. Then, there are moms. 

Grip The Mat hosted the first ever yoga social just for moms last Wednesday, May 18th, 2016. The event was held at pop-up art exhibition Hustle 2.0 by No Kings Collective at Lab 1270 in Northeast Washington, DC. 

The morning event started with mommy & me yoga by GTM instructor Brandon and co-founder Ashley. Afterward, attendees enjoyed a premium coffee bar by Illy and hydrating juices by Honest Tea. Gelato, affogatos (espresso poured over gelato), and KIND Snacks provided a nourishing treat both mommy and her kids could enjoy.

In addition to the yoga and tasty treats, activities like pay dough making and all-natural mat cleaner-making with dOterra Essential Oils rounded off the morning with a wholesome, holistic touch.

No matter how you slice it (or, in this case, scoop it), it's time to show #HustleMoms some TLC! Everyone walked away with a swag bag full of treats from all of our GTM-approved partners like KIND Snacks, Honest Tea, Illy Coffee and Chelsea Collective to take home.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first ever Moms Who Hustle! Check out the Grip The Mat Facebook page for more photos from the day.

Moms Who Hustle is Grip The Mat's newest yoga social event series that nourishes moms' need for mindfulness and movement while also accommodating her little ones. 

If you or another #HustleMom would like to learn more, follow @GripTheMat and sign up for Moms Who Hustle updates below.

Cheers & Namaste!

Washingtonian Announces GTM as Top Instagram Account

Washingtonian announced Grip The Mat as a top fitness Instagram! Read their article 12 DC Fitness and Exercise Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy-Living Motivation.

We're glad more people are catching on to our happy and healthy, yin and yang, yoga and cocktail lifestlye. Since we opened a year and a half ago, hundreds of yoga newcomers and advanced practicioners have joined us in the journey toward a lifestyle balanced with mindfulness and a social twist. The Washington, DC yoga scene has exploded this past year and we are glad to be a part of it!

Do you follow us on Instagram? Let us know if we live up to the hype.

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Share The Soul! #SoulAndSpirits

Last Saturday was Soul & Spirits at Rock N Roll Hotel. Here are some of our favorite IG posts. Thanks for sharing the love!

Big shout out to Faisel, the fearless yogi that joined us up on stage for the practice!

Down dog bitches!!! #yoga #neon #allofthelights #namaste #iwasonstage #soulandspirits

A photo posted by Faisal Kattan (@faisal.kattan) on

And to the Brightest Young Things ticket winner Michelle! 

Thank you so much to those who joined from near and far! Cessna_yoga came all the way from NYC! 

Until next time, yogis!


Cheers & Namaste,


Yoga and Wine in Shaw

Uh, hi, why haven't we done this sooner? Forget the lavender. Coffee is our new aroma therapy! Last week,  70 yogis joined us at Compass Coffee for Vinyasa to Vino.  After the espresso machines were wiped down and any stray beans that managed to escape their state of the art roaster were swept away, the room still filled with the comforting scent of fresh ground coffee.

One hour of sweat dripping yoga left us perfectly prepped for a refreshing wine tasting by Cashion's Eat Place.  The sparkling white was a perfect post sweat swip. 

Both Compass and Cashion's are committed to making "really good" products. To learn more, be sure to stop in or check out their menus.

Compass Coffee 

1535 7th St. NW Washington, DC


1819 Columbia Rd. NW Washington DC


Soul & Spirits: Living the the yogi dream in the dark

Yoga, black lights and raw, vegan cocktails. Pull it all together with some deep jungle house music and you have yourself a Grip The Mat party!  We brought back Soul & Spirits, but this time to an underground art gallery in Adams Morgan called Hierarchy.  The souled out event featured black light yoga + Gouter tonic cocktails mixed with Bulleit Bourbon and Ketel One Vodka and KIND snacks.  

The room was packed with yogis of all levels. From the moment everyone stepped onto their mats, the breath was strong and the movement was fierce!  

Johnny Asfour warming up before the practice begins.
Johnny Asfour warming up before the practice begins.

As soon as the practice ended, the room was buzzing with high spirits and thirsty yogis. On to the social hour...

In honor of the upcoming holiday, the bar featured Gouter's Patty Melk. The tonic boasts Spirulina, one of the most nutrient dense foods around in a creamy cashew melk with vanilla, mint extract, and coconut sugar and, of course, hemp seeds for an extra kick of protein.  We added Bulleit Bourbon to create a high quality, complex and smooth cocktail.

Surprisingly, Bulleit shares an similar start-up story to Grip The Mat's. A message from their founder reads:

I quit my job and risked everything to experience life on the frontier. I have never looked back. 

It's no wonder the drinks tasted so good. Not only is the whiskey made from an old family recipe, but the company still maintains the integrity of the  taste with its small batch production and badass mission.

We also featured the staple vodka tonic, but with a spin on it! Starting off with a base of Gouter's Awake tonic -- a beverage that features blue green algae that literally glows in the dark (narturally!) -- we then added the sophisticated taste of Ketel One Vodka.  With over 300 years of family distilling expertise under their belt, it is clear (no pun intended) that Ketel One knows a thing or two about their craft. The vodka mixed effortlessly with our vegan tonics to create a perfectly smooth swirl of thirst quenching elixirs. Their website features more crisp cocktail recipes. Click here to learn more.

Just look at those happy faces! We are thrilled for yet another successful Soul & Spirits and look forward to many more.

Lord Chad serving up some happy yoginis at the bar!
Lord Chad serving up some happy yoginis at the bar!

The light in us is inspired by the light in you.

Cheers and Namaste,  yogis!

Building Strength and Courage at Bendy Brunch ™

Courage comes from the Latin word cor, meaning heart. It also comes from the French wine called champagne. 

This Sunday's Bendy Brunch at Long View Gallery was a blast! What better way  to finish off Valentine's Day weekend than with a friend-filled yoga practice  followed by a champagne brunch, all in the awe-inspiring setting of Long View?

 Grip The Mat Yoga, Bendy Brunch, Longview Gallery, Sunday February 15, 2015, Photo by Ben Droz.
 Grip The Mat Yoga, Bendy Brunch, Longview Gallery, Sunday February 15, 2015, Photo by Ben Droz.

Both sessions focused on heart openers and core strengtheners to build up to the peak partner posture Adho Mukha Vrksasana, or handstand.  Flipping upside down requires strength, focus and courage, but, with the help of a friend, is fun and energizing! After 30 minutes of a heating sequence, Christy and Ashley demonstrated how to help a friend set the foundation for a solid handstand. The diverse group of yogis eagerly jumped at the task and spent some time getting to know and learn from each other.

The hard work did not go unrewarded. After a restorative  yoga sequence and juicy savasana, the mimosa brunch began.  Prepared by Spike Mendelsohn, the spread featured healthy, wholesome and locally sourced ingredients. Buffalo Bergan's fresh pressed juice paired perfectly with the refreshing sparkling wine.

 Grip The Mat Yoga, Bendy Brunch, Longview Gallery, Sunday February 15, 2015, Photo by Ben Droz.
 Grip The Mat Yoga, Bendy Brunch, Longview Gallery, Sunday February 15, 2015, Photo by Ben Droz.
 Grip The Mat Yoga, Bendy Brunch, Longview Gallery, Sunday February 15, 2015, Photo by Ben Droz.

The Grip The Mat crew loved spending  Sunday morning with everyone that joined and cannot wait for the next Bendy Brunch!

 Grip The Mat Yoga, Bendy Brunch, Longview Gallery, Sunday February 15, 2015, Photo by Ben Droz.

Photos by Ben Droz.

Bendy Brunch™ at Wonder Bread Factory

We're back at Wonder Bread! This time, we took things underground to cozy up with some heating vinyasa and then cool down with a yummy champagne brunch by Vinolovers and Spike Mendelsohn! 

We had a rock star group of yogis and yoginis of all levels at this Bendy Brunch.  Our students definitely brought the energy from the start and kept it flowing all the way until the end. 

Grip The Mat team member Alden getting low in malasana.
Grip The Mat team member Alden getting low in malasana.
Reebok Fithub's Andrea Ferry sinking into a deep chair pose as the class flows through Sun Salutation B
Reebok Fithub's Andrea Ferry sinking into a deep chair pose as the class flows through Sun Salutation B

Let's not forget the amazing display of yoga pants! Added with everyone's colorful energies, the fun patterns of the pants made for a truly stellar session.

Tripod headstand by a Bendy Brunch yogini in Teeki pants
Tripod headstand by a Bendy Brunch yogini in Teeki pants

Cheers to everyone who joined us for this one! Looking forward to seeing everyone back at next month'sBendy Brunch at Longview

Good Capital

Thank you Food Network Magazine for including Bendy Brunch™ as one of eight healthy must-do's in America's healthiest city, Washington, D.C.! Snag their January/February issue to read more. 

Want to come to Bendy Brunch? We host them once a month! Join us January 25th at Blind Whino for yoga and brunch with our secret celebrity chef!! Tickets will be on sale later this week. 

Bendy Brunch™ in Technicolor Church

Bendy Brunch

yoga + brunch

can't forget... bottomless mimosas!

What does the nation's fittest city* love more than starting the day with a detoxifying yoga flow? Add a huge group of 200 friends and brunch with bottomless mimosas. Now we really doubt you'll be able to come up with anything better!

December 07, 2014 marked our second ever Bendy Brunch and it rocked our worlds. The event was held at Blind Whino in SW DC. Talk about a beautiful site! This venue features wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling art, making for an eye-popping visual experience.  

New modern Mexican restaurant Agua 301 brought the brunch and man, oh man did they not disappoint!  Their made-to-order pancakes and omelets paired perfectly with KIND snacks to make our mouths water and refuel our guests with a well-balanced meal. 

Finally, mimosas mixed with Honest Ade flowed like manna from Heaven. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to join us! We have a lot in store for 2015 and can't wait to see everyone back on the mat.

Cheers and Namaste!

PS - check out our Facebook page for more Bendy Brunch pics