Soul & Spirits Presented by Spindrift

at Big Chief in Ivy City

Photo by  Nate Polta

Photo by Nate Polta

Washington, DC - Grip The Mat is proud to announce the next, biggest and realest event: Soul & Spirits Presented by Spindrift. If you’re looking for the best way to spend your Saturday in the nation’s capital, we’ve got you covered.


On Saturday, November 5, 2016 Grip The Mat will team up with Spindrift to bring you a badass out-of-body event lineup in DC’s newest neighborhood: Ivy City. Yogis 21+ of all levels are welcome to join this signature GTM event with a special Spindrift + Tito’s open bar and much, much more.

What’s with getting real? Spindrift is America’s first and only line of sparkling beverages made with real squeezed fruit. We’re teaming up to celebrate living life to the fullest and in pursuit of soulfulness in the most genuine, real way.

Here’s how:

#1 Masked yoga.

Photo courtesy of  Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Permission to get real. All attendees receive a face mask at the entrance and in, true “check your body at the door” style, will be asked to let soulfulness take over. Think of it as permission to let loose and let go of inhibitions for this yoga social experience. Or, as we like to call it, get real.

#2 Live music.

Photo courtesy of  Hollertown

Photo courtesy of Hollertown

Get ready to get down. Both the Vinyasa and the beverages will flow in sync to the  live music by local badass band Hollertown.

#3 Open Bar.

Photo by  Nate Polta

Photo by Nate Polta

We’re getting crafty with Spindrift's naturally delicious real squeezed fruit sparkling waters and mixing them with Tito's Vodka. Think of it as happy hour revamped for the healthy, mindful, real lifestyle.

#4 Real Food.

Photo courtesy of  CAVA

Photo courtesy of CAVA

In addition to the two-hour open bar, this Soul & Spirits features food for all tastes. For the thrill seekers and outdoor adventurers,  Patagonia is bringing their new line Patagonia Provisions, as well as camping gear for a free raffle! For our city-slicking yogis, Buredo, a local DC hotspot, is offering burrito-size sushi rolls to attendees. Even more goodness provided by Cava, Simit + Smith, and KIND.

#5 All for a real good cause.

Photo courtesy of  Spindrift

Photo courtesy of Spindrift

Every aspect of the experience is included in the ticket price, which is a donation to the Potomac Riverkeeper Network. As if this event couldn’t feel any better, every dollar raised goes directly to the protection of clean water for all.

Cheers & Namaste,



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Grip The Mat launches in our second city - Orlando, FL.

That's right!  Last week, we launched in our newest city with two sessions of  Soul & Spirits at The Attic in Downtown Orlando. We started with black light yoga to the beats of DJ Bear and then finished off with a social hour that featured organic Wheat Berry cocktails.

Our attendees caught the last glimpse of The Attic before it went under construction. The open floor was perfect for our sold out sessions and their bartenders skillfully mixed signature Wheat Berry drinks with tequila, rum and vodka options. We look forward to coming back and bringing out audience into the new and improved Attic!

A big cheers to our friends at Wheat Berry Cafe- a locally owned juicery in Longwood, FL. Their fresh-pressed, organic juices were the highlight of the social hour and added a yummy kick to the light-hearted atmosphere. 

Also, our friends at KIND treated our guests with their healthy snacks and yoga mats!

Finally, cheers Orlando! We are so thrilled to be in your city and can't wait to see you at the next Grip The Mat event. 

Cheers & Namaste!

Grip That Mat

Share The Soul! #SoulAndSpirits

Last Saturday was Soul & Spirits at Rock N Roll Hotel. Here are some of our favorite IG posts. Thanks for sharing the love!

Big shout out to Faisel, the fearless yogi that joined us up on stage for the practice!

Down dog bitches!!! #yoga #neon #allofthelights #namaste #iwasonstage #soulandspirits

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And to the Brightest Young Things ticket winner Michelle! 

Thank you so much to those who joined from near and far! Cessna_yoga came all the way from NYC! 

Until next time, yogis!


Cheers & Namaste,


Soul & Spirits: Living the the yogi dream in the dark

Yoga, black lights and raw, vegan cocktails. Pull it all together with some deep jungle house music and you have yourself a Grip The Mat party!  We brought back Soul & Spirits, but this time to an underground art gallery in Adams Morgan called Hierarchy.  The souled out event featured black light yoga + Gouter tonic cocktails mixed with Bulleit Bourbon and Ketel One Vodka and KIND snacks.  

The room was packed with yogis of all levels. From the moment everyone stepped onto their mats, the breath was strong and the movement was fierce!  

Johnny Asfour warming up before the practice begins.
Johnny Asfour warming up before the practice begins.

As soon as the practice ended, the room was buzzing with high spirits and thirsty yogis. On to the social hour...

In honor of the upcoming holiday, the bar featured Gouter's Patty Melk. The tonic boasts Spirulina, one of the most nutrient dense foods around in a creamy cashew melk with vanilla, mint extract, and coconut sugar and, of course, hemp seeds for an extra kick of protein.  We added Bulleit Bourbon to create a high quality, complex and smooth cocktail.

Surprisingly, Bulleit shares an similar start-up story to Grip The Mat's. A message from their founder reads:

I quit my job and risked everything to experience life on the frontier. I have never looked back. 

It's no wonder the drinks tasted so good. Not only is the whiskey made from an old family recipe, but the company still maintains the integrity of the  taste with its small batch production and badass mission.

We also featured the staple vodka tonic, but with a spin on it! Starting off with a base of Gouter's Awake tonic -- a beverage that features blue green algae that literally glows in the dark (narturally!) -- we then added the sophisticated taste of Ketel One Vodka.  With over 300 years of family distilling expertise under their belt, it is clear (no pun intended) that Ketel One knows a thing or two about their craft. The vodka mixed effortlessly with our vegan tonics to create a perfectly smooth swirl of thirst quenching elixirs. Their website features more crisp cocktail recipes. Click here to learn more.

Just look at those happy faces! We are thrilled for yet another successful Soul & Spirits and look forward to many more.

Lord Chad serving up some happy yoginis at the bar!
Lord Chad serving up some happy yoginis at the bar!

The light in us is inspired by the light in you.

Cheers and Namaste,  yogis!