Music for your mind

Mid-week woes have you feeling less than inspired? Time you change things up with a fresh playlist.

"Sound Literally penetrates the human body"

Think about it. Sound is a vibration that enters in through your ear and reverberates your ear drum.  Feeling calmed by a hum, startled by a siren or emotionally charged by an Adele song shows how sound can directly affect the body and the mind. Sound therapy can even help stroke victims regain the ability to speak

Ready to harness the power of sound?

#1. Turn off the Top 40

Let your mind doddle in the grooves of Woodstock Past or try out some music style you've never heard of.  Switching up your playlist and listening to new music stimulates the brain. The next time you're in a rut, turn something new to you. The total brain workout will get the creative juices flowing.

#2. Listen to what you like

Every body is different. Slow down and take time to listen to your body's responses to different music.  Weave music that stimulates positive responses like relaxation and happiness into your self care routine and feel the results.


Find something that really clicks for you? Enlighten us with your by leaving a comment or  using  #CheersAndNamaste to share your favorite "new" music.

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