The Summertime Playlist

Music for Your Soul

Washington, DC - GTM DC Producer Drew Carpenter wants everyone to have a slammin' summer. What's number one on his summertime bliss list?  After his yoga mat and wine glass (obviously) is his playlist.  Let us clarify: 

THE Playlist

Summer Edition

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Yoga goes beyond your mat.

While yoga class is place to learn about postures (or "asanas") and practice mindfulness, the real yoga starts when you step out into the world (so much tougher being zen when there's a semi truck, a crying baby and a siren buzzing by you).

To apply yoga is to live with loving purpose!

You are perfect. Right now. In this moment, you have everything you could possibly need to live a life of happiness. What's more is when you do just that, you lift others up in the meantime.

Don't be shy about it! 

You were born with all of the wisdom  you'll need in that tiny little baby head of yours.  That means you have everything it takes to live your yoga because you ARE it. Listen to your intuition and do what your heart tells you to do. If the (Soul &) Spirit(s) moves you, drop it low in Dupont Circle. If you feel the urge, call your childhood friend who you haven't spoken to in years.  Do what makes you feel good.

 Which leads to our conclusion

Feeling Good (AKA choosing happiness) + Helping Others Feel Good (AKA extra Karma points) = Yoga   

Do you want to let go of stress and finally do some yoga? Then do it! Bump your jams and dance like an idiot who loves life and is happy with life just as it is. You might be surprised at how quickly you begin to believe it!


Got song suggestions?

Tell us what you like to listen to and we'll spread the goodness together! 

Cheers & Namaste,


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