Bendy Brunch™ Launch 9.28.14

Rise and shine, yogis!

This Sunday, Grip The Mat saluted the sun alongside 70 yogis at the Wonder Bread Factory during Day 3 of the No Kings Collective 5 Year Anniversary weekend "100% Bread". Bendy Brunch featured heart opening vinyasas, detoxifying twists, wall-to-wall art, and, of course, an exquisite brunch. Did we mention there were mimosas, too?

The mission of Bendy Brunch (and all of GTM's yoga socials) is to provide yogis of all levels a safe and fun environment to explore their practice, meet like-minded people, and try something new. We wanted to open the door to new paths for reaching your personal "bliss" by offering a new definition of wellness that encompasses a balance of mindfulness, play, and movement awareness.

When is the last time you shared a meal with 70 like-minded others?  The dining table is a unifier, a place of community and of mindful interaction. Work culture leaves little time for communal meals.   It is reported that one in four Americans eat at least one fast food meal a day. That doesn't count the mindless meals eaten at a desk and in front of a computer. To help break the habit, we offered clean proteins, vitamin-rich veggies, and wholesome desserts.  Grip The Mat worked closely with our sponsors Honest and KIND to provide quality, clean fuel for the post-yoga workout.  Of course, we had to leave a little wiggle room for the sweet tooth with Ted's Bulletin's homemade pop tarts. #treatyourself

Healthy eating wasn't all we were concerned with. Bendy Brunch offered the space for healthy person-to-person interaction, as well. When is the last time you stayed to talk with the yogi on the mat next to you? Did you opt not to because you didn't have the time? Grip The Mat created yoga socials because we wanted to take out the option of choosing between a fitness regiment or a social life, leaving a time to immerse in both.

After all, yoga practice is all about balance (easier said than done, we know).  Our mission is to encourage everyone to take time to fulfill their every need by making it easier to take yoga practice off the mat and into the real world. As the cliches will tell you, the body and all of its components are a reflection of the current state of things and what is being taken in. With that said, take in happiness. Take in balance. Toast to your health. And be happy because you are with friends. If nothing because Ted's pop tarts come with sprinkles. 

Cheers and Namaste,


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