Meet GTM's Fierce Boston Producer, Kyle Carbone

Our favorite Guy Upside Down is bringing the GTM feel-good yoga movement to Boston. Learn about his "teach-for-two approach" and why taking a leap of faith inspired him to join GTM. 


Every individual reaches a point in their professional or personal path where they must pause, step back, and evaluate. Brought on by circumstance or choice, these moments of internal reflection create a disruption. Mine happened to coincided with the loss of a parent.

Cheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, took to social media to reflect on the sudden death of her husband. When confiding in a friend after her loss, she exclaimed, "I want option A." To this her friend replied, "Option A is not available. So let's just kick the shit out of option B." 

I am living my option B. And I'm trying to kick the shit out of it, too. Option B represents the leap of faith into discomfort and uncertainty. It is a step out of an altered reality and into the truth. Scary? Terrifying, actually. But the only viable option for me six months ago was to take the plunge and hope that I would surface in one piece. 

I wanted to deepen my practice even though my mother's mat was no longer by my side. I still cringe rereading my introductory email to GTM HQ. It has hints of overzealous yoga teacher, copious amounts of eccentric volunteer, and exclamation points galore. So. Many. Exclamation points.


From there, everything just kind of - flowed. I flew to DC, attended a Bendy Brunch and soaked in the feel-good factor that permeates everything Grip The Mat. There is a contagious but indescribable vibration that fuels this movement, a buzz that fosters interesting conversation, high energy interactions, a hell of a lot of laughs and, oh, dancing. There's always dancing.


In bringing Grip The Mat to Boston, it’s my mission to spread that same feel-good glow. When I started yoga after college in order to sweat away years of accumulated booze, I did not expect for it to become an integral part of my daily life. But it is my Option B and I'm owning it. 

I cannot wait to get people out of their routines and into something new, something fresh, and something wicked fun.

Join me on the mat at the Soul and Spirits Super Launch February 6th

Cheers + Namaste,


A Note From our Founders

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