First Annual Broga Riide

Broga Riide ( n. ) \ˈbrəʊɡə raɪd\

An activity for mental and physical health + social satisfaction including a bike ride, yoga and beer.

We know what you're thinking and, yes, it was that awesome.

Let us elaborate.

We partnered with the sickest bike company in town to lead the way for the 5-mile bike ride from Dupont Circle to Dock5. Then, at the event, they offered test riides for our yogis try out their cool dual pedal+throttle capabilities. Our friends at Riide make sleekly designed battery-powered bicycles that help you get pretty much anywhere you want to go (and fast!). We even had bicycle PARKING complements of our partner Two Wheel Valet (genius, yes)

Furthermore, we know it's hot out. That's why we provided complementary Phog Water and Dos Equis beer.

With that said, one must earn one's beer. At least, that's the notion we and other yogis in the nation's fittest city subscribe to. Over 60 brogis came out for the bike riide and nearly double that joined us at Dock5 for the rest of our first ever Broga Riide powered by Reebok. 

Finally, a big shout out to the dads and all the father figures that made it out on their special day. Here are a few shots of our favorite father-daughter duo Randi Gloss of Gloss Rags and her stand up(sidedown) dad practicing our partner pose handstand! 

Stay thirsty, yogis!