Winter getting you down? Keep calm and yogi on.

“Come and get it 2015,” I said to myself on January 1. I felt amped up to conquer my New Year’s resolutions: make sleep a priority, run twice a week and practice yoga more. The first week started with a bang. I curled under my covers before 11pm each night, woke up feeling slightly more rested with each day, ran twice as promised and even went to yoga three times that first week. Boo-ya.

Two and half months later I may have slacked off a little. A few days of not making time for yoga class or one day of skipping out on a run because of the snow or a week of late nights got me all bent out of shape. Yes, I had managed at least one downward dog each week but what about the days I missed? If I had already managed to shift off track what would be the point of getting back on?

But then one of my yoga teachers said something that I connected with: try to replace every negative statement with something positive. Frustrated that you can’t twist one inch further? Acknowledge yourself for your strong legs. Down on yourself that this is the first flow of your week? Commend yourself for just coming to the mat. I tried throughout the class these small acts of positivity. I ignored the tension in my hip flexor during low lizard lunge and instead thought about my constant breath. I brushed away my wobbly legs and focused on my powerful core. At the end of the class, as we met back in sukhasana, I realized how proud I felt. It didn’t matter how many classes I had made it to this year, I wanted to give myself one big hug for coming to my mat that day.

So, next time you’re feeling down about the cold weather or worried about falling short of your personal goals try to pause, breathe deep into your belly, and replace that negative energy with a positive thought. Oh and just remember, Spring is on its way. Namaste.

Written by Danielle Dannenberg.