Rooftop Vinyasa to Vino at The Louis on 14th

Imagine yourself standing tall on a decadent rooftop overlooking the entire city at dusk. From a distance, you observe. You watch as the congested sidewalks and busy streets slowly empty. The sounds of the trucks and buses quiet. The 5 o'clock rush ends and everything slows. You feel the breeze in your hair and close your eyes. You take a deep breath in and exhale all your worries away.  

Vinyasa to Vino on the rooftop of the Louis was the ideal way to wind down after a long day. Fresh Fall air, a majestic view, gentle yoga and delicious wines are all the ingredients one needs for a completely rejuvenating evening.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. We enjoyed a relaxing evening of yoga and wine by the pool. Looking forward to our next V2V at the Louis!