Why We're Child's Pose Advocates

At the beginning of every Grip The Mat event, we demonstrate one pose because everyone needs a reminder to take Child's Pose. 


Sit down on your heels, take your knees wide and walk your fingertips forward. Don't stop until your head rests on the mat and your belly spills over like a jar of silly puddy. What happens next is wondrous:

1. Gentle stretch 

Sweeeeet. We love yoga poses that don't feel like yoga poses! This one eases hip and back pain by gently elongating the spine and opening the hips. Ya, baby. 

2. Centering

Ever find yourself in the middle of a yoga class with your mind already out the door? Child's Pose folds your body inward, signaling your body to relax and bringing you home. Take it whenever you find yourself distracted.

3. Epic hangover relief

Skip the ibuprofen! Child's Pose helps ease the post-party pain by aiding  in digestion (it's like a thai massage for your internal organs!) and, if you place a block underneath your forehead,  decompresses swollen sinuses.

The list goes on as to why this pose rocks our list of Asanas.  If it were up to us, we would make Child's Pose socially acceptable anywhere anytime... Until then, add in some extra Child's Pose to your routine and see the refreshing side affects yourself!