New GTM instructor Nichol Teaches Her First Vinyasa to Vino

Yoga, wine and everything nice.

Grip The Mat took over C.A.V.E. Gallery for another weeknight Vinyasa to Vino in Los Angeles! This time, new instructor Nichol Chase co-taught with co-founder Christy Skarulis.  The class was contemplative, fun and chalk full of all things GTM: vinyasa flow, fun partner poses, deep juicy holds and a Savasana surprise! 

Not only is Nichol a professionally-trained yoga instructor AND formerly competitive yoga performer, but also a trained opera singer.  After her cool down, she lead yogis through a powerfully sweet lullaby accompanied by Ryan Svendsen on trumpet.

GTM yoga social events are made for you to relax and have fun, but also meet amazing people. 

There's something special about bringing your yoga practice with you wherever you go. That's why GTM brings the events to different spaces around the city. The goal with pairing yoga with wine is to help integrate the practice into your daily life and apply yoga off the mat. 

Thank you to all of the incredible yogis (new and advanced) who attended Vinyasa to Vino.  

For those who could not attend, check out the Facebook page to see the magic yourself!

Cheers & Namaste

Photos by Nate Polta